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We are proud to say, that 20% of our profit go directly to Train of Hope, as soon as we reached our regular milestones (currently 100€).

Since we currently only feature Street Art from Vienna on our T-Shirts, we decided to go with a local organisation, supporting refugees in Vienna, Austria and other countries.

Train of Hope started at Vienna’s main railway station in 2015, when hundreds of private persons gathered to provide unpaid help to refugees arriving from Syria.

Train of Hope provided anything from food, shelter to medical aid, when the Government of Vienna was still in paralysis (the city provided a mobile sanitary setup after some time).

All of this with people who just wanted to help.
Out of this movement rose Train of Hope, an official non-profit.

Nowadays, Train of Hope supplies refugees with essential clothing, legal and psychological support and a network of people and organisations that want to help.

Train of Hope doesn’t only advise refugees, but also people who want to help them.

With your T-Shirt purchase from WALL IN MOTION, you support Train of Hope with 20% of our profit. Thank you for Painting Walls, rather than building them.


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